This year summer collection draws inspiration from traditional Japanese wooden thong - Geta (下駄) that resemble clog. The original used of Geta was not fashion, but practical. This season we decided to give the traditional sandal a contemporary twist, making it a fashionable wear for this summer. Infusing a minimalist look and feel in this campaign with cool colour pallete, the Geta collection brings out a softer and sophisticated edge.

While after seasons and seasons of pointed-toe shoes reigning supreme, the square toe is making a triumphant comeback. The outsole of this collection is completely square from toe to the heel, keeping it as original as the traditional Geta with the rectangular (''more masculine'') shape. Blending both traditional with modern aesthetic, this Summer 19 Geta collection have been crafted from wood like material, while the upper is adorned with diamond for an ultramodern look. This collection comes in two designs: double strap and toe thong with three colourways.


Art Direction: Yokie Theam

Styling: Yokie & Yoke Sin

Photography: Aun Chua