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Franco FontanaPhoto: Knulp Malevich

'The purpose of art is to make visible the invisible'

 Born in Modena in 1933, photographer Franco Fontana has been one of the great masters of colour. “Bright, vivid colours; overlapping lines and geometrical shapes state the visual language of Franco Fontana. His early studies on colour, space, form and light were presented in his first solo exhibition in Turin, at the Società Fotografica Subalpina in 1965, and in Modena in 1968.

 The photographer believes that the purpose of art is to make visible the invisible which he agrees with “The Little Prince” author that “what is essential is invisible to the eye”. The great artist explained in an interview that, ‘The invisible is our foundation. Think of a tree: it lives with the help of its roots, which you cannot see. That is the kind of invisible reality that I want to capture and to remove everything that is unnecessary.'

 In 1986, he also started a successful collaboration with various fashion magazines like the Alexander Liberman for Vogue USA and Vogue France. He subsequently signed numerous advertising campaigns, including works for the fashion industry (Satoh, Versace, Hermes, etc.)

 Here are some of the works that we adore including his signature landscape photography.


Landscape, Italy 1987


Basilicata, 1975


Basilicata, 1994


Puglia, Italia, 1978


Los Angeles, 1991


Modena, 1977


Ibiza, 1992


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