We celebrate strong and independent women of all age, gender, race and sexuality. #ytwalkoflife is our very own initiative to showcase aspiring personalities to our consumers whom we consider our loyal friends. Our belief is that each individual possesses compelling stories that are unique and inspiring - from fashion darlings to expressive artists, to everyday people - let their life narratives play a part in filling the pages in your book of journey. Take a glance at what it's like to be in their shoes as we feature one personality each month.


March 2018: Women in Power by #ytwalkoflife


February 2018: Brindha Kumar: Dreaming in Technicolor


January 2018: The Musings of Kucing Miso


December 2017: In The Mood For Nadirah


November 2017: The Runway Poet


October 2017: One-woman Show


September 2017: The People Magnet


August 2017: Life in Heels & Brush Strokes


July 2017: Defying Conformity: A Fashion Designer's Story

June 2017: Two Creatives Make One


May 2017: Girls On Top


April 2017: Taking the world by storm, one stitch at a time

Yoke & Theam aims to inspire women to become better versions of themselves. You too can be a part of our movement by sharing your Yoke & Theam OOTD with #ytwalkoflife on Instagram. Tell us what empowers you as a woman and who knows, your story could be told here. 

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