03/18 marks a very special month for us as we unite eight amazing women to lend a voice to a topic we care about for a good cause. In light of recent movement #timesup and #metoo, we decided to share experiences of being a woman in a male-dominant world and how women overcome the obstacles in different aspects of their lives. This video round up strong and inspirational women for #ytwalkoflife to further build awareness on women’s issues and cultivate female empowerment. 

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08.03.18 - Cassey Gan, Womenswear Designer

''If you don’t have a passion, go find a passion because with that passion you will keep working towards it and you will live your life to the fullest and you will not regret it” - Cassey Gan


09.03.18 - Nia, Model

''If you know a friend who is being abused by her father or her boyfriend, you help her, you talk to her, you tell her that this is not okay, just because is from someone they love. Don't let them accept what they are not supposed to be accepting.'' - Nia


12.03.18 - Alia Bastamam, Womenswear Designer

“I am most proud of where women stand in the world today. How we’ve managed to speak up after being silent for so many years. Calling out sexual harassment and calling out equality at the workplace is such a big thing for me.” - Alia Bastamam


14.03.18 - Maggy Wang, Radio Personality

 ''If you work hard enough to want what you want and get what you want, you will get it. So, don't worry about it.''- Maggy Wang


16.03.2018 - Ira Roslan, DJ

“It’s very important for men to take note of what’s happening to women. I think that the first step is education. We are always asking them to take action but is a vice versa thing. As women, we have to stand up and say what we want as well. Is about Voice.” - Ira Roslan 


19.03.2018 - Nadirah Zakariya, Photographer

“I think is important for women, girls to have ambition. You should always want to strive to be better. That’s the only way for you to have a higher quality of life. It doesn’t matter where you are right now. You might already be super successful but I think you should never settled because when you settle, that’s when you’re stagnant and you don’t grow. As human beings, I think we need to always grow. So yes, ambition! - Nadirah Zakariya


28.03.2018 - Annees Sofea, Poet

 ''I feel very relieved because back in those day, I wasn't brave enough to talk about harasses, abuses but I think that in this era, women are actually coming out to sue their harasses and all that because this is a taboo topic forever but now I think everyone is coming out and all the abusers and harassers themselves they are getting what they deserve. I don't feel sorry for them. I think times up.'' - Annees Sofea


30.03.2018 - Brindha Kumar, Illustrator

''I think is good to stand up for whatever sexual misconducts or harassment that has happened to you. You should go and say rather than just letting it be.'' - Brindha Kumar 

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