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She is young, sassy and most definitely has an Instagram page worth following for fashionistas alike. Her day-to-day tasks involve meeting and socializing with upcoming influencers and producing a style video featuring her own self. Here is a girl who's climbing the social media ladder whilst creating her own path in her life journey. This month feature for #ytwalkoflife is our very own Yoke & Theam enthusiast, Liyana Sobri.

We first spotted Liyana in one of the many entries that we've got for #ytwalkoflife. Her style invites a sense of admiration especially with her on-point OOTD getups - so fresh and unique. She paired our pink Emily Mules with an ensemble comprising of a white and grey combination in relaxed silhouettes matched with a white leather sling bag. A look so classic, and yet almost impossible to pull off had it not been for Liyana's natural draw for attention and photogenic demeanour. We consider ourselves an expert in spotting a social media star, and Liyana definitely has the knack for it. So we decided, it's time to shine a little spotlight on our recent girl-crush.

Liyana is wearing Emily Two-Way Mules

At 24 years old, Liyana works for a startup that specializes in micro influencer marketing, as a community manager. "I handle social media influencers for various campaigns on a day-to-day basis," explains Liyana. Not surprising since she majored in Marketing Communications. What brought her to where she is today? Liyana tells us, " I started off my career journey as an intern at Tongue in Chic an online fashion and beauty portal. I was involved in writing fashion and beauty related content. As part of my degree requirement, I then interned at Zalora, where I assisted in marketing campaigns. Moving on, I then joined FashionValet as a part-time Assistant Webmaster, where I was heavily involved with marketing. I then secured a full-time job at CIMB, working under the social media team. After gaining some experience at a corporate job, I moved to a start-up company." Having worked for big names who are big players in the online retail game certainly, has given her much to gain from. In fact, what she loves about her current job is meeting new people all the time, as she is always on the hunt for social media influencers.

"..but ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry.."

One wonders if working in social media is what she has always aspired to do. "Well, to be fair, when I was a kid, social media wasn’t a big thing. It barely existed. But ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to work in the fashion industry. Currently, the closest thing that would fit that is producing my video segment, Ittify Style." Liyana's ultimate dream is to start her own fashion label. In fact, she is one step closer to making it a reality now by starting an online store on Instagram selling fashionable items that range from shoes to bags and to trendy clothes. It's a clever move, as most successful fashion brands start off by selling ready-stock or wholesale products before creating their own. Those who are familiar with Sophia Amoruso's a.k.a the 'girlboss' successful story would vouch for it — having kicked off her entrepreneurial venture by selling off vintage clothes on eBay and subsequently launched a well-known online marketplace in the United States. In Liyana's case, she too believes in starting small and making it big along the way as she says, "My story is quite similar to hers and she started when she was 23 years old too. That's when I started my business with my partner (last year). We decided to take what we love which is dressing up, to another level."

Liyana is wearing Marina Sandal

Fashion and beauty have always been innate for Liyana. Growing up with three sisters have definitely influenced her choices in her style and makeup. She even admits having her mother (whom she is close with) to factor in when it comes to her wardrobe choices. "She’s a supermom really. There’s not a thing she cannot do. Also, she’s my very own personal stylist, always giving me advice on my outfits." That's not all, sometimes her mother doubles as Liyana's 'Instagram mummy' as evident from her postings.

Having worked with many influencers, Liyana has acquired tricks and tips to creating desirable social media pages. For instance, we ask her on how to garner more likes for an OOTD post. The ingredients to a perfect photo according to Liyana, "Your on-point outfit, perfect lighting and of course, that attitude and sassiness." She also tells us that a successful influencer often interacts with their followers, stay humble and true to themselves." Major key points to take note of for those grooming themselves to be an influencer.

"Social media is making me buy more things. From beauty products to shoes, to clothes."

The power of today's online media has given birth to a whole new game of consumerism. Information is made so swiftly attainable and shopping is as convenient as clicking a button before a purchase is made. And then, there are the internet celebrities who are feeding the hunger of consumers who desire a connection with brands and influencers. The enticement they hold is so alluring, it could sway anyone to buy anything they're selling. Even Liyana agrees to its persuasiveness as she admits, "Social media is making me buy more things. From beauty products to shoes, to clothes. Especially when I watch product reviews on YouTube." She adds, "There are good and bad things to social media, depends on how you view it. I’ll always be 50/50 about it."

Liyana is wearing Hayley Flatform

Liyana represents the future of today's generation and if everyone can be as positive and high-spirited as her, the future is looking mighty fine. Hate it or love it, social media will always be conspicuous, embedded in our modern culture. It's a matter of utilizing it for the good. Here she is, talking about her favorite pair of Yoke & Theam shoes.

Tell us about the Emily pair that you own. How did you discover the shoes, where did you buy them, what do you think of them?
I first saw it at Pasar Seloka Raya at Publika. My heart instantly melted. I like how it’s girly, yet a little bit sporty at the same time. It’s so ME - I’m an ultimate girly girl who loves to dress up, yet I do enjoy a fair share of doing sports (I’m in love with my CrossFit routine now.)

What do you usually pair them with?
For me, the soft pink is already a pop of colour, so I’d keep my whole look very minimal and pastels, nothing too crazy.

What about their versatility? Have you experimented with different styling?
Yes! I recently discovered styling them with socks. And I’m in love with it. Again, girly girl with a little sporty edge to it. Much love!

You also got to try our new designs Marina (Scuba shoes) and Hayley, what do you think?
I feel like these two designs are more on the sporty and edgier side and the colours are definitely easier to match with my daily monochrome ensemble. Totally on my wishlist.

Yoke & Theam is a brand that puts comfort first with our footbed technology. Do you agree?
Of course, I do! So far, all the shoes I’ve tried on are super comfy. Even the Emily mules. I was actually out all day with them, and honestly, they are one of my most comfy pair of mules. I feel like I don’t have to compromise comfort for versatility.

#ytwalkoflife campaign believes that each woman who wears Yoke & Theam possesses compelling stories and our shoes play a part in filling the pages in her book of a journey. Do you agree with that?
Yes, I do. I feel that the shoes complete my outfit, gives it the spotlight, and extra OOOMPH to my fab life.

BONUS: Here's a guide to taking a perfect shoefie featuring Liyana Sobri. Enjoy!


Photography & Videography: Jeremy Choy

Styling: Saerah Ridzuan

Wardrobe: Twenty3, Kozo & Liyana's own


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