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The feeling of adoration just comes to life, almost instantly when you begin watching videos of Charis Ow on her Youtube channel. Her cutesy personality, which many may assume is a norm for personalities to carry such disposition in the entertainment scene, is in fact her exact true self and you really just can’t help but to fall instantly in love with her charming character.

A singer and a host Ow was born and raised in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. She had her fair share of living on the island of Penang, located about a four to five hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and later on, moving to Vietnam for a short period of time. It must have been quite a journey for the entire household, which Ow describes as chaotic and at times, stringent.

Charis is wearing YT x ALIA Sophia Slider

“ I was more of a tomboy when I grew up, I guess that was because I spent the majority of my childhood playing with toys and games that my brother would rather play — Ninja Turtles, Dragon Balls and WWE. ”

During our tete-à-tete, when Ow went on describing to us about her childhood. She mentioned about how she grew up being closer to her elder brother due to their age gap in comparison to her oldest sister. “ I was more of a tomboy when I grew up, I guess that was because I spent the majority of my childhood playing with toys and games that my brother would rather play — Ninja Turtles, Dragon Balls and WWE. ” said Ow as she chuckled while trying to remain composed.

It was quite an unexpected childhood story to hear as Ow grew into such a feminine figure today. There were also times when her intuitive to become a fashion designer kicked in she finally got a hold of a pair of scissors and her own barbie dolls dressed in outfits that she thought could be improved. Her creative exploration eventually caused her mother to be horribly crossed back then.

Charis is wearing YT x ALIA Rania Heeled Sandal

When it came to the topic about Ow’s Mother, she seemed to be in great awe as she went on a long sprawl of admiration and compliments describing her Mother as a woman of trend. We soon realized that Ow definitely had inherited her Mother’s sense of style. Ow is one of the fortunate youth of today who diligently works day and night, in hopes of achieving her aspirations and dreams.

Ow sounded as though, she had lived being contented with what she had achieved. We asked if she had any of her dreams so far, fulfilled. “ I have always wanted to be on television and that has been realized so far. ” she said. An individual who seems to be filled to the brim with luck. In 2009 when Ow first embarked on her journey as a singer, she uploaded her first cover video singing ‘Say It Again’ by Marie Digby.

Four years forward, Ow alongside Ming Han of The Ming Things landed themselves an opportunity to open for Australian Youtube duo, Sonia Lee and Janice Lee who many would recognise them as Jayessless. An opportunity that they excitedly anticipated when organisers announced that they were on a lookout for local artists to perform. It was then when her singing career really took off. Ow obtained another major singing gig with well known musician duo, Jason Chen and Clara C who also, made their name through Youtube. All of these opportunities brought Ow to new places and gave her the recognition needed.

However, the struggle to maintain caught on. She felt the pinch as a singer with the lack of opportunities in the local music industry and with the unfortunate fact that Youtube was still at its early days. The transition from singing to pursuing video production wasn’t easy for Ow too. “ The toughest aspect about it was me being the one-woman show. When I first started I did everything on my own — from the planning, filming, editing to the uploading. Even until today. ” she mentioned.

If one were to ask any video creators of Youtube what they enjoyed most when it comes to putting a video together, it would be an obvious lie if they do say that they find joy all the time in the process to create. Ow was completely upfront about it. “ It is only human nature to dread the amount of workload and at times, have the tendency to self-doubt. You just can’t help but start to overthink. Will people enjoy watching my videos? Will I contribute into the lives of others through my videos? It’s all these questions. Throughout the years, I have learnt to overcome by just doing it, really. ” she speaks up about it, without hesitating.

Charis is wearing YT x ALIA Alexandra Sandal

“ It was immensely overwhelming in the beginning ” as Ow tried to precisely answer our question on how she manages to find balance between singing, creating new Youtube content consistently and taking the lead role as the Head of Mouseketeer with Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse show. Her first debut single titled Supernova was actually completed last year but due to her busy schedule, the music video production was put on hold till early 2018. The video was finally released early this year.

A nonchalant respond came through when Ow told us the reason behind her decision to have Supernova in Bahasa Malaysia instead of English. “ It all came naturally and the lyrics were originally written in Malay by my producers ” she said. An avid listener to K-pop music. She gravitates towards that musical direction, which is visible visually and sonically through her music. We were truly humbled when she told us about her Malaysian upbringing, studying in a national school and having most of her best friends being Malay.

The journey of Charis Ow was truly an experience to write about. We were enthralled throughout the interview as she filled us about the ups and downs of her life and career. It was similar to the storyline of her newly released Supernova music video featuring a rollercoaster ride of emotions that resonates to the life story of Charis Ow — an individual who never fails to stay positive and optimistic despite being put in the worst scenario.

Our long conversation ended with a truly astute advice from Ow, herself.

“ Do not be too hard on yourself. Coming from myself who is quite a perfectionist, I am still learning. It’s an on-going process and you will never overcome it once and for all. It’s a gradual process. Savour every moment in life. If you end up in a bad place, keep moving, don’t stop! ”

We got Charis Ow to tell us what she loved about Yoke & Theam’s shoes.

What was your favourite shoe from Yoke & Theam?

I really love the YT x ALIA Rania Heeled Sandal, it’s such a versatile shoe!

As an individual who loves beauty and fashion, how would you style the YT x ALIA Rania Heeled Sandal in your own way?

I would most likely wear it with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. If it was for a meeting, I will throw on a printed gingham blazer in grey to elevate the look.

What do you look for in a shoe before purchasing?

Definitely, comfort because I am always out and about during shoots. I tend to move around and dance too. Comfort is definitely, KEY!

How would you wear the YT x ALIA Rania Heeled Sandal for the rest of your week? and why?

I would probably wear it with an A-line skirt or even denim shorts, to help elongate the look of my legs. The pair of heels that I selected, had quite a low heel and the velcro strap just makes it way easier to remove and wear again.

What are some of your clothing hacks to make sure that you always look presentable outside?

I will always make sure that my clothing fit me nicely, unless it is meant to have an oversized appeal. Also, make sure you are wearing appropriate coloured underwear for a shoot, you want to avoid a faux pas especially if you are given a transparent or white colour outfit to wear.

Photography: Amani Azlin
Styling: Saerah Ridzuan
Makeup: Cindy Hor
Assisted by: Yasmin Ahmad
Wardrobe: Palloe and stylist's own
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