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Electric, vivacious and a little bit cheeky, graphic designer and visual artist Brindha Kumar’s artwork overflows with a kind of energy that is engaging and infectious in equal doses.

If you haven’t caught the Brindha bug yet, we recommend checking out her website here, or her Instagram, @brindhakumar. With notable brand collaborations such as Riuh, Harper’s Baazar and Tiger #Uncaged Music under her belt, it’s safe to say that Brindha is just a brushstroke shy of taking over the town.

Brindha is wearing YT x ALIA Emma Mules

Brindha’s relationship with art was cultivated during her early childhood. She recalls drawing together with her mother, who has a flair for the arts herself, and being fascinated by the images she could bring to life on a page. She cites her mother’s care and unwavering support as her primary source of encouragement: “My father passed away when I was eight-years old and my mom had to raise me and my brother on her own. I think she did an amazing job and I am really grateful for her. She is my pillar of strength.”

It was only until she completed her A-levels, however, that Brindha made the decision to pursue art full time. In high school, she excelled at math and economics, and art took a backseat. The responsibilities that came with being a high school student meant that she could no longer prioritize art, but it remained in her periphery as a hobby that she could count on. Following her A-levels, she realized that she would feel unsatisfied if she neglected her passion, and took a leap of faith, enrolling herself into the arts program at London College of Communication.

“Being in London definitely expanded me creatively and pushed my lateral thinking,” says Brindha, “(studying in London) was one of the best decisions I made. It opened my mind to endless possibilities.”

Brindha is wearing YTxALIA Emily Mules

Indeed, the endlessness she describes is apparent in her work. Brindha’s catalogue of art reflects an exploration through a vast array of topics. Instead of returning to tried and tested themes, Brindha’s philosophy is to take whatever strikes her inspiration and run with it, and the result is a diverse body of work that ranges from reactionary or reverent pieces, to tongue-in-cheek representations of modern society. Brindha predominantly works with digital media, but sometimes employs traditional methods, using paint and canvas. Rendered in unapologetic neon and flat blocks of blinding, brilliant colors, Brindha’s brand is unmistakable.

Her first solo exhibition, “KOCHI”, was created in response to the experiences she had during her travels to Kochi, Kerala, India. Fragmented explosions of blues and purples on canvas are accompanied by animated visuals that utilize recurring motifs from her paintings, serving up abstract re-imaginings of the chaos and atmosphere of the city.

Title: Japaneasy

In contrast, the series “Japaneasy” carries a teasing tone, poking fun at social media and contemporary youth culture. She casts an Edo-period Japanese woman in the starring role and juxtaposes her with recognizable habits of present day youth – Snapchat selfies and pizza takeout – with her cartoon cat sidekick as company. Throughout, Brindha plays with patterns and repetition, while incorporating aesthetic elements reminiscent of Japanese Hanga.

Some of Brindha’s works explore femininity and female sexuality. An early series “GIRLS” features GIFs that put a spin on objectification of women by reclaiming the feminine form and presenting them in a fun, confident light. “I find it really fun and interesting to create illustrations of girls and women expressing joy and confidence, especially in an environment that is not always open minded about women’s sexuality”, explains Brindha. Several of her other illustration also include the female form, and play with the ideas of body confidence and sexuality, always with a touch of cheek.

Title: Girls


Title: Sudah Makan

Despite making such loud and proud artwork that appears larger than life even on a small screen, Brindha herself assumes a more relaxed and composed demeanor. Her serene exterior contrasts the delicious technicolored frenzy of her art. When she isn’t making art, Brindha enjoys listening to music and travelling, taking the opportunity to soak up the valuable experiences each activity offers, to later inject them into her artwork.

Brindha's artwork featuring YT x ALIA Emma Mules

Brindha is wearing Hayley Flatform

When asked about future plans, Brindha shared that she’d like to work outside of Malaysia, and hopefully create a personal brand for herself in the industry. With her singular take on neo-psychedelic pop art rapidly making waves through Malaysia’s creative scene, it is no stretch of the imagination to see her breaking new ground. We are elated to be privy to her artistic development, as she continues to tantalize us with her visual smorgasbord.


Here’s what Brindha Kumar has to say about Yoke & Theam shoes,

Can you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as a nice balance of whimsical and simple. Some days I like to be playful and fun by using different colours and patterns, kind of like how I approach my illustrations. I also like to keep it simple but still put in some thought to the outfit because I love dressing up!


You got to try several of our shoes during the shoot. Which is your favorite?

I really like the Hayley Flatform and the YT x ALIA Emma Mules.


Do you think our shoes compliment your personal style?

Yes, I think they are quite versatile and can complement different styles.


Here at Yoke & Theam, we pride ourselves in creating designs that marry practicality with style. Do you think we’ve achieved this?

Yes, the shoes are the perfect height for people on the go, which makes it practical and the different shoelaces, colours and patterns gives it a nice touch of style.

#ytwalkoflife is an initiative that seeks to empower by capturing the unique stories of inspiring, game-changing women and sharing these stories with the world. What do you think of this movement?

I think it is great because #ytwalkoflife has created a movement in which many girls and young women can be inspired to make right choices in their life and pursue their goals to the fullest and to the best of their abilities, without having any doubts or second guessing themselves.

Photography: Amani Azlin
Styling: Saerah Ridzuan
Assisted by: Yasmin Ahmad
Wardrobe: Qi Pao by Chiyo and Brindha's own
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