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When one looks up for Yaya Zahir on Instagram, you just can’t help but take note of the impressive line of titles stated on her bio. A multifaceted talent who is an actress, tv host, interior designer, broadcast journalist and a model. Don’t you think that she is close to becoming the perfect example of a youth who ventures into a variety of affairs for a living?

An urbanite, born and raised in the bustling district of Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur. The close-knitted relationship between Zahir and her family played an influential role to shaping the pathway of her career — whether it was an early exposure to Art when she was a child by her late-father or when she played dress-up with her mother at home. Zahir is an individual naturally gifted with a people-orientated personality. She was indeed fortunate to have grown up in a supportive and open-minded household which had no doubt, help elevated her confidence especially being around different people.

Yaya is wearing YT x ALIA Claire Mule

In the midst of the interview, we got to understand that her late-father seemed to dominate most of her childhood influences. We immediately sense an element of pride and sentimentality when she told us that her late father was known as this ‘ cool ’ uncle amongst her family. She continued to gleefully chatter about his interests and commitment as a motorcycle Marshall with his Harley Davidson bikes and quickly jumped to talk about his little wardrobe of motorcycle-inspired clothing. From designer leather jackets to the different type of pants he wears when he goes for a ride.

Then, Zahir was also, reminded about her mischievous times when we asked her if she was any different during her childhood. “ I remembered that my mother once mentioned about a family trip to Hong Kong when I was 4 years old. I, apparently went on a little adventure on a flight while she was asleep. Causing her to panicked because she was not able to find me after she woke up. My mother ended up locating me as I was seated next to a Jamaican woman indulging in a conversation. ”

Yaya is wearing YT x ALIA Ingrid Heeled Sandal

A child star who has grown to become so comfortable being in front of the camera. It was intriguing watching Zahir effortlessly transition into her on-screen alter ego when cameras were being pointed at her direction. An ability that ordinary individuals like us will struggle to embrace confidently. Throughout the shoot, she managed to remain poised and nonchalant despite receiving the occasional direction on how she should strike her next poses.

Before Zahir transitioned into her first on-screen gig as an actress, she initially worked as an intern at an architecture firm. Later realizing that her interest in interior design was what she would rather pursue instead due to the dull environment at the firm. She eventually worked with Malaysian fashion designer, Rizalman at his interior design firm for a year. Instantly, Zahir’s face lit up with a gush of excitement when explaining about her memorable experience beneath the mentorship of the designer himself.

“ It was one of the most meaningful years for me when I was working together with Rizalman. He taught me about the ins and outs of interior design."

“ It was one of the most meaningful years for me when I was working together with Rizalman. He taught me about the in’s and out’s of interior design. It was one of those unforgettable experiences of mine. ” she remained sentimental over her good old days throughout our conversation. Zahir added that she then, begun to receive many offers by friends from the industry who were all willing to help kickstart her acting career but declined every offer, feeling horribly heavy-hearted about it. Finally, she left her current job to chase a childhood dream of hers the following year.

Yaya is wearing YT x ALIA Camilla Sling Back

Her career in the entertainment industry took off within a few years after resigning. Indeed, Yaya Zahir is a prime example of what it means to hustle throughout life for a dream job. Never slowing down ever since, today she stands proud as a TV host, a model, and a social media influencer. We asked Yaya Zahir on what she thought about her favourite shoes from Yoke & Theam.

What was your favourite shoe from Yoke & Theam?

It is impossible to decide but I would have to say that the collaboration between Yoke & Theam and Alia Bastamam was my favourite collection. I remember seeing the shoes during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2017.

Would you wear any of the shoes from YTXALIA for the rest of your week? And why? 

A big yes from me, because it’s a really comfortable pair of shoe. In fact, I am considering to wear it for Raya!

What do you look for in a shoe before purchasing?

For me, the main element to a good pair of shoes would be the level of comfort. But, my next priority is also equally as important, which would be the design and material too.

Do our shoes complement your personal style? 

Yes, they do. They are a versatile pair of shoes, and go beautifully with every outfit.

How would you style our YTXALIA shoes?

I would dress them up with a pair of slick shorts for a good night out and for a more relaxed look, pairing it with skinny jeans would be great.


Photography: Amani Azlin
Styling: Saerah Ridzuan
Assisted by: Yasmin Ahmad & Xia Yi
Wardrobe: Alia B, stylist's own and Yaya's own.
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