6 Questions With The Co-Founders
Picture of co-founders Yokie (right) and Yoke Sin (left)
1. What is Yoke & Theam's design philosophy?

Yoke & Theam celebrates both feminine and masculine qualities when designing the shoe collections. Strong and independent yet still feminine and delicate, the brand resonates that a woman can be strong yet also delicate at the same time. Yoke & Theam’s genderless looking shoes are intentional as the brand aspires to inspire women to look beyond the common trends or a specified gender image. Its unique timeless and versatile look empowers women to build confidence and enable modern women to express themselves freely.

 2. What makes Yoke & Theam shoes unique and different?

Yoke & Theam shoe designs are all about self-expression and empowering personal style. Playing around with trendy masculine and feminine styles. They are designed from scratch and the material was carefully selected and hand crafted in our own factory. Each pair of shoes comes with a personal touch from designing, finishing and packaging.

3. How do the designs reflect the wearer's personality?

Yoke & Theam shoes are carefree and adventurous. It reflects people that want to go beyond the norms and yet finding elegance from within.

4. What promise do you make to Yoke & Theam wearers?

To look beyond the common trends or a specified gender image. To feel confident and beautiful of who you are and what you wear.

5. Who do you see wearing Yoke & Theam shoes?

Anyone. We want them to look and feel the best by being ‘’themselves’’.

6. What would you like your shoes to be known for?

In empowering women. To go beyond the norms, express yourself freely and never afraid of pursuing your own dream. Most importantly, finding personal style and to feel confident of being yourself.




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