The Origin

90 years ago, a young cobbler, grandfather of the founder spent his best years settling in a distant country to make a living, as with every settler in Malaysia. After settling down in the Pre-World War 2 era in 1935, the Theam family’s involvement in the shoe business has never faltered. It is the family’s dream to make a living in this country a reality.

Now, daughters of the original shoe maker, granddaughters of the cobbler, embarked to fulfill this dream. With passions and deeply rooted knowledge in the craft, the daughters envisioned a different approach, a brand that imagined all is possible.

In traditional retail, affordable designer footwear is hard to come by. At Yoke & Theam, the daughters push the traditional designs far and bridge the gap with affordability and quality. Yoke & Theam chic designs are crafted locally, by passionate hands and it remained true to the brand's origin.

The Brand Aesthetics

Yoke & Theam celebrates both feminine and masculine qualities when designing the shoe collections. Strong and independent yet still feminine and delicate, the brand resonates that a woman can be strong yet also delicate at the same time. Yoke & Theam’s genderless looking shoes are intentional as the brand aspires to inspire women to look beyond the common trends or a specified gender image. Its unique timeless and versatile look empowers women to build confidence and enable modern women to express themselves freely.